Ms. Julie’s has reopened under a new name, Good Roots!

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Introducing Good Roots!

We expanded Ms. Julie’s and shifted our business model. This new approach extends beyond vegan comfort food to offer something new. Many of the recipes are MJ originals, but we reopened with this new model under the new name of “Good Roots”.

What has changed?

  • We have a new name. It represents our commitment to 100% plant-based foods that are healthy and delicious.
  • We have a new menu. Many of Ms. Julie’s original recipes and favorite products are being added to brand new recipes.
  • We have a new business model: convenient takeout, grab-n-go, and delivery options from the 2027 Prep Kitchen.
  • We have a new location: The 2027 Prep Kitchen is at 2027 S. Main St., Akron, OH.

Follow Good Roots or visit to learn more, sign up for updates, and view the new menu.

Why Good Roots?

We chose Good Roots because we believe the food we eat should be good for us, taste good, and do good for the community. Everything Good Roots produces will be 100% plant-based and 100% delicious, with nutrient-dense and locally sourced fresh and healthy ingredients.

The food and restaurant industry is evolving quickly to provide easy online ordering and convenient delivery options for customers. We are tapping into that model to keep our business sustainable and connect with customers in a new way.

This change may seem drastic, but we remain rooted in our core purpose and 20-year commitment to our customer’s health, well-being, and tastebuds.

How to eat Good Roots?

Good Roots officially opened on March 7, 2023, and is operating from our 2027 Prep Kitchen located at 2027 S. Main St., Akron, OH. Good Roots will provide fresh, affordable, and convenient meal options in three ways:

  • Good Roots Takeout: online orders made fresh and ready for pick-up at the production kitchen location
  • Good Roots Grab-n-Go: ready-made products for drop-in customers to purchase on the go from coolers at the production kitchen location
  • Good Roots Meal Delivery: online pre-ordered meals delivered to pick-up convenient locations in and around Akron.